Stardew Valley Money Cheat – Is it Simple to Perform?

Earning a massive amount of money seems a BIG task in most of the farming games, and Stardew Valley is not exceptional. Your primary mission in this game is to gain more money no matter what season it is. And that’s why we’re here to show you a simple Stardew Valley money cheat as well as other useful tips to get more money.

Enjoy them to make a simple life become a litter simple.

Stardew Valley Money Cheat – Is it Simple to Perform 1

A quick way of Stardew Valley money cheat

Right now, we will guide you how to cheat to acquire a vastamount of money instead of only receiving 500 at the beginning. Although this way works without errors, it’s best to be careful when following our steps below.

  • Step 1 – You need to create a new character or use your previous one.
  • Step 2 – Enter the game and then exit to the desktop.
  • Step 3 – Enter your search bar, find %AppData% and search for a file with your name and numbers.
  • Step 4 – Right-click it and choose “Open with” Notepad.
  • Step 5 – Tap Cltr+F to search for “money” and find a string that looks like “<money>500</money>.”
  • Step 6 – Edit the money as much as you want; for instance, 999999. And don’t forget to click Save.
  • Step 7 – Back to the main screen of the game and click on the Load button. Although you still see the number of 500, don’t worry since you soon catch your edited number after loading the game.

Want to get a better view? Just watch this video below!

Other useful tips to consider

Aside from following the simple Stardew Valley money cheat above to get your desired amount of money, we also introduce some tips that are useful for making more money. Down here to know now!

Pay attention to berries

Amongst fruits and vegetables, planting berries is profitable. We recommend you should focus on strawberries in spring (produces 500g), blueberries in summer (50g or more), and cranberries in autumn (75g or more). Berries will bring you a BIG advantage because they go for a high price and each tree produces new berries during the entire season.

Plant in square

When you’re planting pumpkins, melons or cauliflower, it’s best to plant them in 3×3 squares. Performing this gives you a slightopportunity of growing a giant crop that might take up all 9 squares of soil.

Prioritize wood


After planting and watering the crops, the next thing is to concentrate on chopping down trees. This resource iscrucial for unlocking new items and buildings on your farm. Hence, you need to stockpile as much wood as possible so that you can quickly craft helpful items.

Unlock the beach bridge

Once you’ve had 300 wood, you need to repair the bridge which is on the left-hand side of the beach. Make sure you do it soon because this bridge will bring you to the Tidal Pools where you can find valuable items such as sea urchins, coral, and other shells. Collect as much as you possibly could and then sell directly to the fisherman to get more money.

Ignore animals at first

Until you’ve received far more money in the pocket, avoid taking care of the animals too much. It’s because you have to spend more on building houses for them, feeding them, etc. When winter comes and the game doesn’t generate grass, you have to spend more and more money on buying hay to help your animals get through the season. But, the BIG issue is that the hay makes your animals drain their hard-earned funds.

Fishing and mining

For the first time, fishing is a bit tricky. But, don’t worry since we guide a small tip to follow. Let’s equip your rod at a body of water and then hold down the action button until your cursor reaches the top of the meter. Wait for a fish to bite and quickly hit the action button. And you’ll soon surprise when more money and extra bonuses will be added in your budget if fishing all day long.

For mining, remember that your main objective is an Iron Ore floor together with a Gold Ore. Just get five pieces of ore and then you receive a bar. Since each bar gives a remarkable amount of money as well as extra financial advantage, you should go mining whenever you have free time.

Final words

Stardew Valley Money Cheat – Is it Simple to Perform 3

Get a significant number of 999999 by performing a simple guide of Stardew Valley money cheat or follow some tips to increase your money, be free to choose any method you want. And avoid focusing on one since this cool game has dozens of exciting things to discover! Let’s start and enjoy your wonderful farm now!