Top Cheats you need to manage before coming for Slope Game

Slope Game or Slope Run is a Classic Running video Game first created for the PC platform, and then later with Android devices. This game reminds us of the old-fashioned Arcade Games we used to spend time with when we were little.

The goal of Slope Game is reaching the finish line of the race through the slope course. On the race track, the player will have to face more than a couple of harsh obstacles and it depends on his braveness to overcome them all. Luckily, the developer of the Game still leaves out some spaces for us to slack in and make the Game a bit easier for newcomers and clumsy players like you. These Slope Game cheats down here are necessarily important if you want to experience Slope, in an easier but still exciting way.

Cheat #1: Save your progress

Let’s start with an elementary Cheat, the one that everyone should know before they start any Gameplay: Save your progress. Have you ever had a moment of being kicked out of the Game for causing such a small error? We all had that moment and we know how frustrated it feels. To fix this, you need to invest only 20 seconds of your time into watching an ad, then you will be able to complete your stage right where you cause a mistake.

Cheat #2 Pick the suitable mode

Slope Game serves the players with two separated play modes and you will get to choose one of those two modes at the beginning screen. The funny thing is, you don’t get to pick because the suitable mode chooses you. The Endless mode is obviously for the players who love to go and a never-ending run, while the Normal mode is for the players who can’t stand digging in the Game for a period that is longer than 5 minutes.

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Cheat #3 Always get yourself in the middle of the track

The obstacles of Slope Game becomes more challenging as you advance further in the Game. Because of this, you will also likely to cause more mistakes. To make your race trackless of a nightmare when the Game gets harder, we suggest you to always try to stay in the middle of the track at all costs. The center of the race track allows you to move constantly to both sides of it, which means you don’t need to be worried about the chances of crashing into any obstacles.

Cheat #4 Always plan your move

This Cheat sounds a bit incredible, but it isn’t impossible at all. We all know how long the ball your control fly in the air, and it isn’t a strange thing in Slope Game. This fact allows you to arrange your thoughts and makeup plans for your next moves in the Game. As you start to know how to think fast while the ball is flying, it will be easier for you to take a deep breath and continue to fight in the Game.

With the Cheats mentioned above, we hope that you will find a new way of investing Slope Game, regardless of the platform you are using to experience the Game. Save our Slope Game cheats, and jump right into the game now!