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Why does my computer restart while playing games?

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Some of the possible causes of this situation are that you may have a virus, so make sure you have up-to-date antivirus software. However, if this situation only occurs when you play the game, it could be one of two possible hardware malfunctions: your power supply unit (PSU) does not provide enough juice, or your CPU is too hot.
The first thing you need to make sure is that your PSU does an excellent job of powering your graphics card. If you have a newer GPU, everything under the 500-watt PSU could be problematic for you. When reading the specifications of your graphics card, you should check this power factor. Depending on your other hardware, sometimes you need a more powerful PSU than the requirements listed.

The CPU gets too hot.

Another cause of your PC restarting itse...

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Top Cheats you need to manage before coming for Slope Game

Slope Game or Slope Run is a Classic Running video Game first created for the PC platform, and then later with Android devices. This game reminds us of the old-fashioned Arcade Games we used to spend time with when we were little.

The goal of Slope Game is reaching the finish line of the race through the slope course. On the race track, the player will have to face more than a couple of harsh obstacles and it depends on his braveness to overcome them all. Luckily, the developer of the Game still leaves out some spaces for us to slack in and make the Game a bit easier for newcomers and clumsy players like you. These Slope Game cheats down here are necessarily important if you want to experience Slope, in an easier but still exciting way.

Cheat #1: Save your progress

Let’s start with an ele...

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