Pixel Dungeon Cheats and Tips

Pixel Dungeon is described as a traditional roguelike (turn-based action-strategy) game with a simple interface and pixel art graphics. In this game, there are four main classes including Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Huntress. Let’s pick up one and start controlling him to move around the top-down 2D dungeons, collect potions, defeat rats and crabs, descend, etc. And remember that your main focus in on exploration, discovering each level and finding the down stairs.

Pixel Dungeon Cheats and Tips 1

However, you need to be careful since you might lose everything if your character dies. So, how to complete this game correctly? Read our following Pixel Dungeon cheats and tips below to know now.

Some Pixel Dungeon cheats and tips to consider

Check your items and path

First of all, you should find some items and methods that are used for testing out your unidentified potions and the path in front of you. For instance, if you want to test the potions, please stand near a door or in a tile of water and then throw the potion ahead of you. In case it excretes the poisonous gas, this potion will be the toxic gas one.

The same goes for scrolls. If you want to test scroll, please do it at the end of a fully exploded depth in order to stop being teleported into a high-level place.

For the path in front of you, it’s best to avail the Wand of Telekinesis, which might activate any traps on the fields, especially in corridors.

Pixel Dungeon Cheats and Tips 2

Cope with enemies

Amongst Pixel Dungeon cheats and tips, dealing with enemies is crucial. Of course, there are many strategies that you can try.

However, the most common way is to defeat them one by one. Start luring each group of monsters into a corridor and then demolish them one at a time. Additionally, you can use a Wand of Amok on a monster so that it can attack the others in its pack.

In case you face up with Giant Piranhas, instead of fighting them in melee, try to use ranged weapons and skills. If they don’t work, be quick to search for the Invisibility Potions and lurk past the Piranhas.

Cope with hunger and health

Pixel Dungeon Cheats and Tips 3

The first and foremost thing is not to let your character feel hungry. If he is starving, you have to find something and feed him instantly, or his HP will decrease.

In case you want to recover his HP, your can consult some options.

  • Use seeds of Sungrass in a safe place since their effect will stop if you move away.
  • Take advantage of the Healing Potions. Or if your character is a Warrior, just let him eat food and then 5HP will be restored.
  • Hold down the Wait button to sleep. However, notice that the Hunger also drops down because the character doesn’t eat anything for a while.
  • Although Mystery Meat is harmful to eat, you can use fire-related items like Potion of Liquid Flame or Wand of Firebolt, throw the meat into a Fire Trap or covert it to Chargrilled Meat to eat.

Final thoughts

With only 3 Pixel Dungeon cheats and tips above, make sure you read and perform all carefully. Then we believe that you can support your chosen character to overcome all 25 dungeonswith the primary objective of reaching and defeating the last boss.

It’s time to play and good luck to you!