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Pixel Dungeon Cheats and Tips

Pixel Dungeon is described as a traditional roguelike (turn-based action-strategy) game with a simple interface and pixel art graphics. In this game, there are four main classes including Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Huntress. Let’s pick up one and start controlling him to move around the top-down 2D dungeons, collect potions, defeat rats and crabs, descend, etc. And remember that your main focus in on exploration, discovering each level and finding the down stairs.

Pixel Dungeon Cheats and Tips 1

However, you need to be careful since you might lose everything if your character dies. So, how to complete this game correctly? Read our following Pixel Dungeon cheats and tips below to know now.

Some Pixel Dungeon cheats and tips to consider

Check your items and path

First of all, you should find some items and methods that ...

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